Natural Turf Installation

Natural turf fields offer several challenges when it comes to construction and management. Drainage is extremely important for natural turf fields. Without proper drainage, it will be very difficult to keep the field in acceptable playing condition. Drainage structures and piping should be considered and installed to help the field perform at its best.

In addition to the drainage, other factors that need to be factored in are:

  • type of soil (does it hold water or drain well)
  • grading - to allow storm water to run off
  • sod thickness - to allow for the storm water to percolate at a faster rate

During the natural turf installation process one of the major decisions is whether to use seed or sod to start the field. Both offer benefits, but there are cost implications for either option. Sod usually costs more initially. However, fields that utilize sod are ready for use quicker, when compared to fields initiated with seeds. Despite which method you decide to use, an irrigation system will help tremendously in allowing the grass to take and survive.

Once established, natural turf fields will need to be monitored. The required maintenance that will need to be performed each year include:

  • cutting the grass
  • aerating
  • fertilizing
  • herbicides
  • overseeding

These tasks can be performed by maintenance crews or through a professional turf management company. When it comes to the natural turf field installation in the New York metropolitan area, DeRosa Sports Construction offers a wealth of knowledge and experience. We pay particular attention to meeting all the requirements for drainage and irrigation. We have top quality local suppliers for topsoil, seed and sod who all have an excellent history servicing Westchester County and the surrounding New York tri-state area. We handle projects of all shapes and sizes.

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