Roller Hockey Rink Construction

Roller hockey rinks are becoming very popular throughout the New York tri-state area. These rinks can easily be converted and integrated with other sports. This is helpful for facilities that have limited space. The convertibility also allows municipalities to offer their communities more sporting options.

Many roller hockey rinks also double as soccer fields. This conversion is fairly simple to do for an experienced professional. There are various surface options available during construction. Depending on level of play and the factors that need consideration, the options will vary.

There are different concerns to consider during a roller hockey rink construction project. The most important aspects of the project is the:

  • foundation of the construction
  • site selection
  • materials used
  • quality installation

After the construction of the base itself, selection of the board system needs to take place. There are a variety of roller rink board systems available. Many of these options offer various benefits; from durability to meeting tight budget constraints.

You will also need to make sure the spectators are well taken care of. Spectators need to be protected in viewing areas. Concession stands are also a great way to make the spectator comfortable. It also offers an opportunity for income for you and the specific teams or leagues that use the facility. Dealing with a well-versed and experienced roller hockey rink construction company like DeRosa Sports Construction will help your project run smoothly. Get what you want - a success sports facility that meets all your needs.

Our turnkey sports construction process covers breaking the ground to installing the rink boards. A wide variety of surface options are available, including Street Ice color coating surfacing - which will convert a concrete or asphalt surface into the rink of your dreams. Another option is using a tile surface that helps prolong the life of the rink. Tile surfacing offers you many colors and layout choices.

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