Running Track Construction

Running tracks have become an important part of most school athletic programs. From a sports construction point of view, this type of track is one of the most complex structures to build. This is because the radius, pitch and bank of the track are critical considerations. DeRosa Sports Construction is an experienced running track contractor in Westchester County with the knowledge of these important intricacies.

The most common surface that we install for running tracks is a polyurethane surface, with a sprayed structural spray. This offers the athlete a cushioned, supported system to run on. The polyurethane surface also helps to encourage performance and safety.

Along with the track and surfacing, the additional components of running track facilities are the events. Events are required if the constructed facility is to meet specific guidelines for a regulation running track. Some of these events include:

  • water jump
  • high jump
  • long jump
  • discus
  • hammer throw
  • high jump

These types of events need to be planned for before construction begins. Construction of a running track usually incorporates the construction of events.

When designing and planning this type of project, how the track will wrap around the field in the middle should be taken into consideration. How the surrounding area will impact the track is often an area of focus. Determining the required additional drainage and items used to create the edge of the track depends on the field. To catch most of the storm water that will run towards the field, an exposed grate drainage system will often be installed along the inside of the runways. This exposed grate system is a great way to help prevent the impact of the storm water on the field affected by the running track.

As one of the premiere asphalt pavers in the New York tri-state area, we offer the highest quality paving for running track construction projects. With an eye for detail, our professional and experienced team will assure that we meet the strictest of tolerances for any surfacing project.

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